Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Random Rantings and an Update

I love HGTV and watch it pretty often. So, I thought I had this selling my house stuff down! Let me just tell you, it isn't near as easy and simple as those shows make it out to be!! After finally deciding that we just had to take a leap of faith and get our house on the market to see what happens, I'm as stressed as I was before. Sometimes I wonder when life will ever be peaceful. I always think that after this happens, or that passes, my life will become less stressful. I'm quickly discovering though that life just keeps giving us one stressful hurdle after another.

Our house has now been on the market for about a month. They have shown it several times and we have had one really low offer and are now negotiating another offer. I've been pretty confident in my decisions so far, but I'm really starting to second guess myself regularly. I have set firm limits in the dollars and really feel that I have to stick with that however hard it may be. (Why doesn't HGTV ever show all the haggling that goes on between the seller and the buyer??) It is all such a numbers game and I easily get confused!! I much prefer words over numbers! Really for me, I could care less how much money goes to what, just give me the bottom number I am walking away with. Is that really too much to ask?

Then we have the whole issue of what are we going to do if we sell our house? We have looked at a few that are for sale but there really isn't anything that we like. I refuse to get us into a situation where we feel we have to settle for something we really don't love. So, what would we do? That is the million dollar question right now. I am not opposed to renting for awhile if we have to, but who is going to rent to us month to month with 2 dogs plus a service dog? We may end up surfing couches for awhile!!

On to other things.......Allen is still in California. He is working with a psychologist there that we both really like. They are looking into the fact that he may be having seizures again. This makes sense to me, because I have figured out that his "episodes" became much more physical once they took him off of his anti seizure meds. I'm relieved that someone is finally trying to figure out what is going on instead of just sending him back home. I'm praying that they figure it out so we know what we are dealing with.

Makale is about to finish track season and Middle School. He broke the school record for high jump with a jump of 5'7" and was the anchor for a 4x4 relay team that also broke a school record! He is looking forward to the league meet on Saturday. I'm not sure how I feel about having a son in High School next year! I don't think it has hit me yet!! I'm still getting over the learner's permit and him beginning to drive! He is doing a great job though!!

Dreyson is getting ready to start rehearsals for his role in the King and I at Starlight Theatre this summer. He was also invited to be a part of the show for the gala at Starlight on May 21. He is pretty excited about this and has a phone interview today because they are interested in featuring him in the show! I'm so excited to see him shine in something that he truly loves!!

Even Now.......Gina

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