Monday, March 12, 2012


As I've talked about before, this year our family is really focusing on balance in our lives.  We are in a much more stable place than we have been the last few years, so now finding balance is key.  All of us struggle with this, we just don't often realize it or focus on it.  So, in striving to find balance, I've also learned that I have to de-stress a little.

This morning I came across a list of obvious ways to de-stress  There are some really great ideas here, and while they are very obvious, for most of us we just don't take the time to do them.  The one that I have done a lot of lately is unplugging.  The last couple of years, I have spent a great deal of time on my computer researching, networking, you name it.  I was actually probably somewhat addicted to it.  It made me crazy if I couldn't check my email, facebook, and blog regularly, multiple times a day.  Shortly after the holidays, I had just kind of had enough.  I guess you could say I was burnt out to some degree and took a step back for quite a while.  I didn't even miss it!!  It was great and very freeing for me.  (However, my blog has not been updated near like I would like and I often feel very guilty about that.)  In the big picture though, this has helped me a ton.  I no longer feel anxious if I don't go online for a day or even for a whole weekend!

With this has also come more time spent with my family.  Sometimes, things can overtake a big portion of our time and we don't even realize it.  Once again, it's all about balance.

I hope some of these tips from this article will help you realize how easy it can be to just take a little bit of time for yourself everyday and how much that can help reduce the stress in your life.

Even Now.......Gina