Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Amazing God

One thing this trip to DC constantly reminded me of is how awesome our God is!  Time and time again I felt His presence.  From the first flashback emotions of getting on that plane alone flying to DC until my plane trip home I was in awe.

Both legs of my flight I had a seat next to amazing women that both blessed me and amazed me.  The first one was a lady who had recently been involved in an event at the Mologne House at Walter Reed for wounded warrior spouses.  She said she had been truly touched by that day and was really questioning her career path.  I was able to share a bit of my story with her during the flight to Atlanta.  It was like God knew just what we each needed.  Having someone kind to talk to right next to me was great for me since I get anxious simply about who may end up next to me on a flight and I was in the center seat!  So, Terria, you blessed me as much as I blessed you!!

On my flight from Atlanta to KC, again I was in the middle seat and facing anxiety over who I would be stuck between.  Soon, this wonderful lady came and sat next to me and I soon began to relax.  It's not the flying that bothers me, but who I may have to sit beside!   (I know, I'm kind of weird like that!)  I quickly discovered that she HATES flying and was extremely anxious about it.  I also quickly learned that she is a strong Christian!  We talked the majority of the flight and again, I think we were a each a blessing to the other.  She lost her husband in Afghanistan almost a year ago and was flying back to Ft. Leavenworth to pick up her daughter from K-State.  She shared with me that this was the first she had flown anywhere since her husband's death and that this was something he normally would have taken care of.  We had an amazing talk, stiff necks and all!  (We both had stiff necks from constantly turning toward each other to chat!)

These ladies both blessed me in different ways.  This also reminded me that God puts people in our lives, whether just in passing, or to stay awhile, for many different purposes.  It reminded me once again that God is in complete control of this crazy world and we just have to trust Him to provide who and what we need at just the right time!

Even Now......Gina

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