Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Speaking on The Hill

I have an amazing opportunity this week.  Late last week I was asked to come speak on PTSD and mental illness at Capitol Hill.  It is a gathering in honor of National Mental Health Awareness Day in the Cannon Senate Building.  Members of the PTSD caucus and Mental Illness Caucus will be in attendance as well as several higher ranking military members.

This opportunity both excites me and causes great anxiety.  I strongly feel that if we ever want things within the wounded warrior community to change for the better, we have to be willing to share our stories every time we get the chance.  We can't expect things to change if we are not willing to put ourselves out there.  However, with that being said, public speaking causes me great anxiety.  I am learning to deal with it and it gets easier each time I put myself out there.  I am hoping that sometime in the near future, it will become less stressful for me and that I learn to enjoy it.  After all, I'm just sharing my story and no one is a better expert on that than me!!!

More updates to come after I'm back from DC!!

Even Now.......Gina  


  1. You will do amazing. I am so thankful for the opportunity for you!

  2. Congrats! I would LOVE that opportunity. I hope you enjoy yourself and I'm sure you'll do amazing. Just remember how powerful your message is and how many lives your voice can touch :) Can't wait to hear all about it!