Monday, November 8, 2010

Patriotism and Respect

I've mentioned several times that I am volunteering in our youngest son's classroom twice a week! It is a great way I take care of myself! I am a certified teacher and used to teach before Allen's injury so it is awesome getting back into the classroom. I have also decided that volunteering is so much more fun than being the one in charge!!

Reciting the pledge of allegiance in school's today is very controversial. I am happy to say that the school my son attends still recites it everyday, and all together. One child is chosen to go to the office in the morning to lead the school in the Pledge of Allegiance. I think this is amazing! I love being there for this time!

During red ribbon week a couple of weeks ago, our school had a hat day. The kids were all allowed to wear hats to school for the entire day. Dreyson wore his beloved Cat in the Hat hat. I think they had about 100% participation this day. I happened to be there this day in time for the Pledge. As I watch the class of second graders stand, I was brought to tears when my son was the only one who removed his hat to recite the pledge! The tears were of sadness as well as the immense pride I felt for my son.

After the Pledge was over, I quietly went to my son and whispered in his ear, "Thank you for remembering to remove your hat!" He gave me a great smile and a thumbs up! I couldn't have been more proud that day! My son's teacher saw our interaction and then questioned us as to what was going on. I tried to just say nothing but she wouldn't let it go. So, I told her what I had said to him. She too told him that she was proud of him and that she hadn't even thought about that or noticed.

I love his teacher for many reasons, (I used to teach with her and have known her for most of my life), but what she did later that day was amazing. That afternoon, after I had left for the day, she had the entire class practice reciting the pledge with their hats removed. She explained to them the importance of removing their hat and showing respect to our great nation! She also stopped me after school to apologize for not catching it herself!

I feel very blessed that I have a 7 year old with so much respect and patriotism! I am also blessed that he has such an amazing teacher that would take the time out of her very busy day to teach her class this very lesson!

Even Now......Gina

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  1. Oh, Gina...I just read this. I cant begin to comprehend all that you and your husband have been through. But your courage and strength are just amazing...knowing it comes from the Lord, I know He has such a plan for all of your through this. My prayers and admiration are with you all...Thankful for your brave husband and all of the other courageous military out there that we to often take forgranted!