Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break

Spring Break is here and I'm loving the time I get to have my boys home all day with me. I always love the added time breaks get us, plus the sleeping in!! This year is a little different than the last few with Allen not being home, which is good and bad.

The good is that the boys and I can just take off and do some things that the past few years we haven't been able to. Life with Dad not here can be so much more spontaneous. I do not have to worry about what might happen if we do this or that. I think I am more willing to take the boys out to do some things, like going to the movies, shopping, or just whatever we happen to feel like each particular day.

However, we are also missing him a lot lately. Dreyson said just this afternoon that he really missed his dad and just wanted him to come home. The boys don't really voice that very often, so it really melts my heart when they do. We definitely have a piece of us gone when Allen is away and we miss him. It always reminds me how much I love him. I often think about the saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Times like this sure do show me how true this is, for not only myself, but also for our kids.

As much as we would have liked to have gone out to California to see him, we just couldn't make it happen. That means the boys and I are just hanging out at home and doing some much needed spring cleaning and ridding. We are hoping to have a garage sale next month!! We are hopefully going to be putting our house on the market soon, in order to make some type of a move away from the triggers. I am looking forward to a fresh start! We plan to stay in this area, but the idea of a new home is beginning to look more possible.

On a sad note, my great aunt passed away over the weekend so we will also be attending a funeral. My Aunt Ruby was an amazing, fun loving lady who we will miss dearly. I'm so happy for her though, to know she has been reunited in heaven with our Heavenly Father as well as her parents, siblings, and husband. She was the last one still here from her generation which couldn't have been easy. She was 96. I loved hearing her stories of growing up with my Grandma and moving from Kansas to Missouri and back by covered wagon. The picture for this post is of me and the boys with my Aunt Ruby a few years ago, taken while Allen was deployed. While today, I have a heavy heart from her death, I know she is in a better place. I love you Aunt Ruby!

Even Now........Gina

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