Monday, February 21, 2011

Budding Actor on Our Hands

One thing is for certain, every member of our family, as well as close friends have been changed in one way or another by Allen's injury. Our kids have had to sacrifice more than most and have been changed by this. I know that some of these changes have been negative, but most I think are positive. I sometimes think about how these injuries in their dad is changing who they are going to be, but I honestly think it is shaping them to be amazingly strong and compassionate young men.

Last September, our youngest, was able to begin taking a musical theatre class thanks to a grant we received from a great organization called, Our Military Kids. This organization, can be found at and gives grants for military kids to participate in extra curricular activities or tutoring. Without this grant, we would not have been able to put our son in this great class that has allowed him to focus on something he is interested in. It has also allowed me to focus on him, completely away from his dad's injury. He has thrived in this environment and found something he really loves.

His musical theatre class is offered through a local community college and a local theatre. It runs a semester long and he is currently taking his second semester of it. At the end of each semester the class does a production. They learn how to audition, learn lines, perform, get into character and a host of other live theatre essentials. At his production from first semester, there was a producer there from the large theatre venue in the community. The producer found our son after the show and personally invited him to come try out for the productions they are self producing this summer, specifically The King and I. Of course, we were all thrilled by this invitation! We knew for a very long time that our kid had talent, but to have a producer in the business see it to was thrilling for all of us.

We were totally new to all of this. I had no idea who auditions went or what was expected of him. Well, we soon found out. Last month he auditioned. Getting ready for this was quite the experience and a lot of work. We had to have head shots done, make a resume for my 7 year old, and he had to learn a song. So, he began voice lessons and learned his song. We had head shots done which turned out great! I researched online how to make a resume for him. And so it began. Auditions were scheduled for 4:00 Saturday. We got there and we signed him in. We had about 45 minutes to wait. Finally, he was called back. He had to go in alone while I waited in the big area with all of the other parents. He was the first one in his group to go. He had to get up and sing in front of the 2 producers and the piano player. He must have done ok as he was asked to come back the next day for movement. He said he was nervous. He wished it had been on the stage because then he would have been less nervous. He is completely comfortable on the stage which is beyond me!! The next day we drove the 60 miles back to call backs. That took all of 30 minutes. They announced that if we didn't hear anything by April 1, our kid probably didn't get a part. I was shocked! April 1st. Really?? That is a long time to wait!!

Well, we only had to wait 2 weeks!! We got the call on 8 February. The call came in the evening and as soon as Dreyson heard me ask about rehearsals he started screaming! He was so excited!! So, he got the part of a King's son for the musical The King and I. He will begin rehearsals in May and will perform 6 nights in June! He tells everyone now that he is royalty!! I can't wait to see him shine!! He has sacrificed so much in his young life, it's nice to see him being successful at something he loves!

Thank you Our Military Kids, for this amazing opportunity for my son to shine!!

Even Now......Gina

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