Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Silent Siren: What's New

Silent Siren is our program that we have started in partnership with the Karla Smith Foundation.  We are still very much in our infancy, but we are moving forward and we are really excited.  So, just wanted to give a little update about Silent Siren and it's development.

We have our website up and running and we think it looks great!  We also have a facebook page that is relatively active and growing each week.   Please take a look at our website and let us know what you think.  Also, join us on facebook and share us, so that we can continue to grow and spread the word about Silent Siren.

We have our advisory council in place and working hard with our core team in developing different aspects of our program.  Currently, we are in development of our educational programs for emergency services personnel as well as for family members supporting a loved one with PTSD.  These programs are a crucial part of Silent Siren and we are engaging key individuals from a variety of backgrounds to get these programs right!

It will probably be a few more months before we are officially launched in a community.  We are in talks with some communities that are very interested in starting Silent Siren.  We will keep you posted!!

As with any non profit organization, fundraising is an ongoing concern and project!  We will be having some events in the near future in order to raise funds in order for us to stay in business!  If anyone is willing to help us in this manner, please let us know!

 The mission of Silent Siren is to build strong community collaborations that enhance and expand existing community crisis intervention/support for military service individuals and their families.

We believe that the following actions and approaches will help achieve this mission:

       1.  Empower persons supporting an individual with PTSD to utilize local emergency support services.

        2. Educate emergency support personnel and military families and caregivers about PTSD and the fundamental approaches to responding to PTSD crisis situations.

         3. Engage local community counseling & support resources who can be readily available to navigate family members and caregivers through crisis situation.

Please watch for more updates here but also visit us on facebook and at www.silentsiren.org.

Even Now.......Gina

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