Saturday, October 22, 2011

Joplin: Finding Hope

Today my family and I spent the day on the Extreme Makeover build site in Joplin, Missouri.  It was so amazing getting to see the process from both sides.  I was amazed at how quickly things progress on these sites!!  One of the greatest things here though is to see the hope that these people have here.  It is so inspiring to see people living through so much fear and devastation rise up and prosper.

It was also great seeing the production team again from our build and the designers.  We had so much fun hanging out with them again.  We were also able to meet many of the people that worked behind the scenes on our build which we never would have been able to see.  They all seemed really happy to see us again as well and to see how well we are all doing.   Many of them said how rare it is for them to get to see the families again after they leave and how great it is for them to see how well Allen is doing.  They said they had really wondered how much the house had helped us and how Allen was doing.  So it was great being here for many reasons!!

We found an organization here that is called The Hope Station.  You can check them out at and it will be worth your time!  They have these amazing t-shirts that inspire hope and healing and the stories behind the people.  They were here giving away t-shirts for hope!  We got several different ones and plan to order some online as well.  For every shirt they sell online, they give one away.  Check them and their story out!!

We are all looking forward to being back on sight tomorrow!!  It is at times a struggle for Allen as much of it still looks like a war zone.  Seeing the hospital was very eery for him.  However, he is a trooper and keeps pushing himself to get through it.  I'm so proud of him and how well he is doing.  He is regularly stepping out of his comfort zone and trying things he never would have a year ago.  He amazes me often and inspires me even more.  He's my hero!!

Even Now.......Gina


  1. Gina - it was so awesome to meet you and your wonderful family this morning at the t-shirt tent - yours are the only signatures I want on my EMHE shirt - you are the true heroes and were definitely the celebrities of the day! Thank you again for taking time to share your heart with me on PTSD and taking a stand for raising awareness on this disorder...I truly believe God placed you in my life today for a very specific purpose and I will be praying for you and your family daily and believing God for Allan's full and complete healing. Can't wait to see your family's episode - you may see me on a clip I did for the 11/11/11 Vets Day episode - I'm the silver haired lady with my friend Katie, thanking my spouse, brother and purple heart recipient father for their service to our country:)

  2. Gina ~ I have enjoyed so much hearing how you are doing! Bill loved getting to see everyone! Thank you for sharing the Hope Station link! I am going to have to check it out! I am in awe at Allen's and your strength. You give us so much hope! From the heart ~ thank you! Stacy & Family