Thursday, July 28, 2011

Allen: My Hero

I've been meaning to write here since I came back from DC, but life just keeps getting in the way.  I feel like I have missed the entire summer with the boys, so we've been trying to get as much in as we can in the short time we have left before school starts again!  I don't think any of us are ready for that first day, but I guess it will come whether we are ready or not!

I'm so happy to be able to say that Allen is in a great place right now, he's more stable than I've seen him in at least the last three years, if not since his injury in 2007.  It was great being able to spend some much needed time with him while we were in the DC area getting testing and treatment done.  Being able to just focus on him and what he needs and how much work he has put in over the last 11 months was just what we needed.  We definitely missed the boys, but it was really nice being able to just be us for a few weeks, before adding in the responsibilities of parenting and everything that goes along with having a family!

It is very obvious that Allen has put in so much work while he has been away.  I know that it has not been easy for him at all and that he has had to face a lot of things that he had no intention of facing, but he did it and is so much better because of it.  I am constantly in awe of his strength and courage in facing the demons he is so haunted by.  It is amazing to see how much trauma he has faced in his life, but yet he still finds the strength, determination, and courage to go back to those times and relive them in order to get better.  I am so thankful that he wants to be better.  That is probably the key to all of this.  We are so blessed!

With all of this being said, he will by all means still have his struggles.  I'm sure there will be set backs along our life, but he is willing to do what it takes to get better and he NEVER gives up!  I know that the reintegration will not be easy for any of us, but it will be so good to have him home again.  It will be so nice to be able to be together as a family again.  Hopefully this will be the last big separation we all have, but if it isn't I'm confident that we will all be able to do what is necessary in order to keep us all safe and well.

I'm so proud of you Honey!!!  You are a great role model for our boys and a true hero to us all.  Thank you for your service to our great country, and for showing us what it means to be a hero!

Even Now.........Gina

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  1. You are a trooper, Gina! The small town girl who is now showing up on a much bigger stage!! Your life is becoming a blessing to many, and your courage and strength shows in the darker hours that hit your family. I have watched you grow up, literally, from the happy high school teen, working on getting your college degree, becoming a teacher and loving those elementary kids, to becoming a mom and a wife to a great guy! Yes, it's a tragedy--what has happened to so many of America's hero warriors, working to keep all of the rest of us safe at home. And America's war came home to your doorstep in unexpected ways, changing your life and your family forever. But you, my dear friend, have held up and carried on--making speeches, struggling with schedules, standing by Allen's side, raising your beautiful boys. There are good things ahead for you! Love, Karen Mac